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As the day came that Do began to wear her scarf, she became frustrated with the lack of options available and could not find any scarf that offered the right amount of oxygen, support or shade. This led her to create her own.

From Do her Scarf,

To you,

From this moment I will always protect and take care of you. I will even make sure you will feel stylish and luxurious.

Thank you for choosing the delicately soft designed Jersey scarfs by Do Scarfs.

Do Scarfs is the new solution that is delicately soft designed to go breathable and elegant through the day.

Do Scarfs is not only a headscarf but offers many more benefits. The Jersey fabric is a carefully composed fabric in combination that provides the scalp with oxygen, hydration and, last but not least, elegance.

A stormy day, your dancing scarf. Do's scarfs.